Faith Photography // Farmington, NM Photographer // Introduces // LiME LiGHT a Photo Booth

LiME LiGHT is a photo booth that was added to Faith Photography studio in 2015.  Located in Farmington, NM, we travel all across the country for Weddings and events, with a very portable Photo Booth, that means in 2016 LiME Light will be traveling with us!  LiME LiGHT introduces a fun way for your guests to be photographed, wether you’re having a birthday party, anniversary, family reunion, corporate event or wedding, photo booths are perfect for any event!

Most people are not always excited to have a photographer in their face trying to take their picture, however when someone is hosting a party, they really want to have photos of the people who came to celebrate with them, even more importantly they want these photographs to display their friends & family enjoying themselves and having a good time.  Photo booths do exactly that!  By allowing your guests to photograph themselves, they determine when they are ready to get in front of the camera & because they can see themselves on our display screen they can determine if they look how they want when they’re photographed!  At LiME LiGHT we include all the props and a gorgeous backdrop to entice your guests to have a good time and loosen up when they jump in front of our photo booth. LiME LiGHT‘s open-air photo booth design means large groups can hop in front of the camera together, no more squishing 2-3 people into a small, tight space.  The “open” design also provides plenty of entertainment as everyone is able to watch the shenanigans as they take place.  Because LiME LiGHT gives you unlimited printing, on the spot, your guests get a fun keepsake to take home & you’ll get a USB of all the images taken by LiME LiGHT so you’re guaranteed to not miss a moment of the excitement that LiME LiGHT captured.   To make your next event a hit, give us a call to learn about all of our LiME LiGHT photo booth rental options.

Farmington, NM // Photo Booth// Lime Light // from Faith Photography by Bree
Farmington, NM // Photo Booth// Lime Light // from Faith Photography by Bree

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